Where has Dawn told stories?
  • Festival at the Edge 2010 & 2014, Shropshire

  • The Shrewsbury Folk Festival 2014

  • Primary and secondary schools throughout UK

  • Kitchen Garden Cafe, Kings Heath, Bham 2014

  • The Birmingham Art Gallery & Museum

  • Rambling Heart Theatre Company / MDCC Theatre

  • The Midlands Art Centre, Birmingham

  • Mythstories, Storytelling Museum, Shropshire

  • The Storytelling cafe, Birmingham

  • Hastings storytelling festival, Kent

  • The RSC courtyard theatre,  Stratford Upon Avon

  • Croft castle, national trust, Herefordshire

  • Telacre festival, Holywell, Flintshire

  • Aqualate, Newport, Natural England

  • The meres & mosses, Newport

  • Solihull Arts Centre

  • Wednesbury Library

  • The Shrewsbury Coffee House

  • The cornhouse restaurant, Shrewsbury

  • The Boathouse pub, Shrewsbury

  • Edesia Coffee House, Worcester

  • Blackberry fair, Whitchurch

Dawn tells stories all over the place: in schools, in people’s homes, in cafes and clubs. Here is a list of some of the places she have visited..

The man at sea

Tales from The Odyssey is a vibrant and dramatic storytelling show regularly performed across the country to young and old in parks, pubs, clubs, restaurants and at private parties.


Enjoy listening to this high octane duologue by Dawn Powell and Sharon Carr, devised in conjunction with dramaturg and artistic director, Polly Tisdall.




This 2000 year old poem tracks the perilous journey home after the Trojan war of the bold and reckless hero Odysseus.


Listen to stories about the cannibalistic cyclops, find out how consuming Lotus Flowers caused group amnesia and a huge sense of inner peace. Find out how the goddess Circe enticed starving soldiers into her stone clad palace and then promptly turned them into grunting swine.


This one hour show is suitable for adults and youngsters 10 years and over.

Dawn & Sharon Carr in rehearsal for The Man at Sea, Tales from The Odyssey. 


Dawn Powell is a performance storyteller and primary teacher who tells traditional stories in an energetic and contemporary way. She has been running arts workshops in primary schools for over 15 years and telling stories to all ages for over five years. When she is not telling stories in schools you will find her telling stories to families and adult audiences in theatres, libraries, festivals and pubs.  


She tells traditional stories from across the world and delivers workshops that are customised to support a specified outcome: nurture a love of stories; improve speaking and listening skills; develop creative writing skills; or enhance creativity.  She has a broad repertoire of traditional stories suitable for all ages but she has a particular fondness for dark and shocking stories made accessible through humour and playful interaction with the audience. Ring or email to find out more.