The Man at Sea, Tales from The Odyssey. CLICK ABOVE to see an extract of our mischievous show!


Giving It The Midas Touch.


A poorly made wish and a closely guarded secret wreak havoc on King Midas.  Find out why being the king's own barber is the worse job in the world and whether the wine guzzling god Dionysus granted a golden reprieve. Fun and frivolity from the ancient world.



Dawn has a passion for telling classical and epic stories. Dawn takes on board a different Epic each year. 2014 was the year for Telling The Iliad. Which epic story will she explore next year? 



CLICK BELOW and listen to Dawn telling the story of The Single Wish.  This three minute fairy tale  is told all over the world.  If only King Midas had heard this story his life would have turned out so differently!

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"Chuffed to hear some silky, fine, funny and thoughtful stories tonight at the storytelling cafe. Dawn Powell and Sharon Carr take a low sweeping bow for an immensely enjoyable and gorgeously paced piece of storytelling. " 


Adrian Johnson, former poet laureate, Birmingham, February 2014

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The Single Wish