What's Popular in 2015


What does make do and mend really mean? Real life stories and poems about life at home during WW2.  Find out what 10 year old Doris thought about liver, Italian prisoners of war and life on the farm as an evacuee.  What was the connection with 6 year old Bernard and the local tramps. Who ate horsemeat?



Stories, somgs, saluting, marching, trench songs and handling of props and memorabilia, writing, art and games.  Tell me what your objectives are and I will customise a workshop to suit.


The Dinosaurs are Coming!


Stories interspersed with science, maths, music and interactive fun.  The crick crack of dinosaur egges, a face off between Nodosaurus and T-Rex; a lump of metal falls from the sky. How did it all end? Watch the smoke of flash paper, the fizzing of a volcano and the dissolving of a dinosaur egg.  How many children lying end to end does it take to represent the Mei dinosaur?